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Magnetic Tissue Properties Mapping subdomain

Maintained by: Beata Bachrata

Electrical Tissue Properties Mapping subdomain

Maintained by: Stefano Mandija

ISMRM Electro-Magnetic Tissue Properties Study Group

Chair: Xu Li (Johns Hopkins University)
Vice-Chair: Stefano Mandija (University Medical Center Utrecht)
Secretary: Mauro Costagli (University of Genoa)
Trainee Representative: Kwok-Shing Chan (Massachusetts General Hospital)
Past Chair: Sina Straub (Mayo Clinic)
Past Trainee Representative: Beata Bachrata (Carinthia University of Applied Sciences)
Past ISMRT Representative: Cristian A. Montalba Zalaquett (Pontifical Catholic University of Chile)

ISMRM Study Group Website and Forum:
ISMRM Study Group Forum:
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