Magnetic software packages

This page depicts a collection of software packages for the processing of data for Magnetic Tissue Properties Mapping, including QSM, SWI, and STI. Please help us to stay updated by sending your suggestions to

QSM packages
    • including excessive number of common phase unwrapping, background field removal and dipole inversion methods (by Kwok-Shing Chan, RU)
  • Neurodesk
    • including ROMEO, TGV, QSMxT, CLEAR (by Steffen Bollman et al.)
  • MEDI (Cornell Group)
  • STI Suite (by Chunlei Liu, UC Berkeley)
  • JHUKKI QSM Toolbox (by Bergen + Li, JHU + KKI)
  • FANSI (by Carlos Milovic, UC + UCL)
  • QSM software (by Hongfu Sun, Ualberta)
  • QSMxT pipeline (by Bollman + Stewart + Shaw, UQ)
  • pyQSM (by Alan Kuurstra, UWO)
Dipole inversion
Chi separation
Phase unwapping
  • ROMEO (by Korbinian Eckstein, MUW)
  • SEGUE (by Anita Karsa, UCL)
  • BEST PATH (by Alan Kuurstra, UWO)
SWI packages
STI packages
  • STI Suite (by Chunlei Liu’s Lab, UC Berkeley)