Magnetic educational materials

This page depicts a collection of educational talks focused on Magnetic Tissue Properties Mapping, including QSM, SWI, and STI. Please help us to stay updated by sending your suggestions to

Consensus paper
  • QSM Consensus Organization Committee et al. “Recommended implementation of quantitative susceptibility mapping for clinical research in the brain: A consensus of the ISMRM electro-magnetic tissue properties study group”, Online 2024. doi:10.1002/mrm.30006
ISMRM educational talks – principles
ISMRM educational talks – applications
ISMRM weekend educational course
  • Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping & Electrical Properties of Tissues, 2017
    • Interaction of Electromagnetic Fields with Tissue (José Marques)
    • Principle of QSM: Physics & Contrast Mechanism (Markus Barth)
    • Application of QSM in the Brain: Neurovasculature (Kristen Yeom)
    • Application of QSM in the Brain: Neurodegenerative (Minming Zhang)
    • Application of QSM in the Body (Pascal Spincemaille)
    • Review of Algorithms of QSM (Jürgen Reichenbach)
    • Microstructural Effect on Susceptibility (Jeff Duyn)
    • QSM Software Demo (Berkin Bilgic)
    • QSM Software Demo (Zhe Liu, Pascal Spincemaille, Alexey Dimov, Ludovic de Rochefort, Yi Wang)
    • QSM Software Demo (Hongjiang Wei)
  • Magnetic Susceptibility Imaging, 2016
    • Susceptibility Properties of Tissue (Jürgen R. Reichenbach)
    • Susceptibility Weighted Imaging (SWI) (Karin Shmueli)
    • Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping (QSM) Basics (Richard Bowtel)
    • Translation of QSM to the Clinic – Fast Single Orientation Methods (Ferdinand Schweser)
    • Iron & Susceptibility in Young & Old Brains (Stefan Ropele)
    • Tissue Anisotropy Origin (Brain, Heart, Muscle) (Jongho Lee)
    • Tissue Anisotropy Mapping (Xu Li)
    • Susceptibility MRI Outside the Brain (Diego Hernando)
    • Pediatric QSM (Deqiang Qiu)
ISMRM member-initiated symposia
ISMRM virtual meetings
  • Hot Topics in EMTP, 2020
    • Gisela E. Hagberg, Detecting Beta-Amyloid Plaques in Alzheimer’s Disease
  • QSM outside the Brain, 2019
    • Sina Straub, Mask-Adapted Background Field Removal for QSM of the Prostate
    • Ramin Jafari, Rapid Automated Liver QSM
  • White Matter QSM, 2018
    • Yoonho Nam & Jongho Lee, Myelin Water Imaging
    • Karla Miller, Compartmentalization & Geometries in the SWI
  • Hot topics in QSM, 2017
    • Pascal Spincemaille & Zhe Liu, Precondition TFI
    • Viktor Vegh & Surabhi Sood, Echo time-dependent QSM