Magnetic educational materials

This page depicts a collection of educational talks and books focused on Magnetic Tissue Properties Mapping, including QSM, SWI, and STI. Please help us to stay updated by sending your suggestions to

ISMRM educational talks
  • Jongho Lee, Principles of QSM & Applications, ISMRM 2020, #E1146
  • Karin Shmueli, From Magnetism to Fieldmaps & Back, ISMRM 2019, #E7878
  • Berkin Bilgic, QSM Tools & Their Biases, ISMRM 2019, #E7879
  • Ferdinand Schweser, Paramagnetic & Diamagnetic Susceptibility in Tissue, ISMRM 2018, #E1339
  • Barbara Dymerska, Tissue Magnetic Susceptibility Mapping (QSM), ISMRM 2018, #E1341
  • Richard Bowtell, Susceptibility Anisotropy, ISMRM 2018, #E2812
  • Yukunori Korogi, QSM Clinical Applications, ISMRM 2018, #E2814
ISMRM member-initiated symposia
ISMRM virtual meetings
  • Hot Topics in EMTP, 2020
    • Gisela E. Hagberg, Detecting Beta-Amyloid Plaques in Alzheimer’s Disease
  • QSM outside the Brain, 2019
    • Sina Straub, Mask-Adapted Background Field Removal for QSM of the Prostate
    • Ramin Jafari, Rapid Automated Liver QSM
  • White Matter QSM, 2018
    • Yoonho Nam & Jongho Lee, Myelin Water Imaging
    • Karla Miller, Compartmentalization & Geometries in the SWI
  • Hot topics in QSM, 2017
    • Pascal Spincemaille & Zhe Liu, Precondition TFI
    • Viktor Vegh & Surabhi Sood, Echo time-dependent QSM