Electrical educational materials

This page depicts a collection of educational talks and books focused on Electrical Tissue Properties Mapping. Please help us to stay updated by sending your suggestions to electricaladmin@emtphub.org.

ISMRM educational talks
  • Rosalind Sadleir, Principles of EPM & Applications, ISMRM2020, #E1145
  • Rosalind Sadleir, Electrical Property Mapping: Practical Considerations and Strategies, ISMRM 2019, #E7877
  • Dong-Hyun Kim, Dielectric Tissue Properties & the MRI Methods for Its Quantification, ISMRM 2019, #E7876
ISMRM virtual meetings
  • Hot Topics in EMTP, 2020
    • Soo-Yeon Kim, MREPT in Breast: The Clinical Experience
  • MREPT/MREIT, 2018
    • Rosalind J. Sadleir & Douglas C. Noll, Multishot Echo-Planar MREIT
    • Munish Chauhan & Kathleen M. Ropella-Panagis, Phase-Based Conductivity Mapping Using MRI